Collision Repair

Nobody plans for a car collision, but when the unexpected happens, Hub City Body Shop of Lubbock is here for you. From backing into someone in a parking lot (or having someone else hit your parked car) to collisions on the highway, Hub City Body Shop – Lubbock works hard to restore your car and get it back to you so you can resume your normal activities. Whether you are in a fender bender or any other minor collision, we are here to help you! Small accidents happen, and from getting rear ended to backing into a mailbox or fence, we are here to help with the non-structural restoration of your vehicle. We are Lubbock’s body shop.

The trained technicians at Hub City Body Shop – Lubbock are trained to:

  • Replace damaged panels
  • Repair damaged panels
  • Repair your bumpers
  • Replace head and tail lights
  • Fix windows and windshields
  • Repair paint damage

While we hope you are never involved in a car accident, if your car sustains damage in a collision, get in touch with us! Our team is standing by and ready in Lubbock to offer you collision repair. Make it pretty – call Hub City!

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