Hail Dent Repair

It has happened to the best of us: You are driving along, and suddenly there are clouds overhead. You checked the weather this morning, and there was only a small chance for rain. Before you know it, it is storming, and you hear the telltale thud of hail hitting your car. Or perhaps you are at work and your car is in the parking lot and you hear the sounds of hail on the roof of your office. There is nothing you can do to protect your car from the hail. In west Texas, thunderstorms and hail storms often pop up with little notice. Sometimes, you are in a position where there is nothing you can do to avoid the hail damage. When this happens, do not fall victim to the tricks on the internet that promise to fix your dents with only a suction cup. Leave your hail repair to the experts! Hub City Body Shop is Lubbock’s body shop.

Hub City Body Shop of Lubbock offers hail dent repair. Our technicians analyze the severity of your car’s hail damage and then use a special process to expertly remove any dents and surface imperfections from your car. We work hard to ensure that your car is restored to its condition before the hail damage and that it looks good as new when you drive away from Hub City Body Shop – Lubbock! We work with your insurance company to make sure that your hail damage is repaired quickly and efficiently. Make it pretty – call Hub City!

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